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In 2007, the Rolland paper mill, now Cascades Fine Papers Group, Rolland division, will turn 125 years old. - Rolland, a great family history since 1882.

This plant, the first of its kind in Canada, represents a major part of the history and patrimony of the City of Saint-Jérôme as well as that of Quebec and Canada.


One hundred and twenty-five years ago, a building with a tower and bell was the cornerstone of "La Compagnie de Papiers Rolland limitée". This building has seen generations and generations of employees and has to enhance the feeling of belonging for the people working there.

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Happy Birthday, La Rolland !

Very few companies have the chance of celebrating 100 years, so when it comes time to mark one's 125th, it is truly a feat! In these times of crisis in the pulp and paper industry, the event is remarkable for the Saint-Jérôme plant and its employees. And there are good reasons to celebrate!

In 19th century society, few French Canadians dared venture into the uncertain world of business. In 1882, the Rolland family stood out when it created a fine paper mill, the first of its kind in Canada. For 110 years, these visionaries carried on, until another family of innovators, the Lemaires, took up the torch in 1992. The paper mill is turning 125 years old this year and is sure to see many, many more birthdays. The catch phrase "Rolland, a great family history" takes on its full meaning, since we must also take into account the many families of workers who greatly contributed to the success of this great paper company.

Throughout its history, Rolland became renowned for the quality of its paper, as can be seen by the many prizes and awards it has won. The integration into Cascades Specialized Product Group will carry on this tradition. The 125 years is an example for us all to follow and your pride is worth being showcased. This is why Cascades is proud to celebrate its Rolland division in 2007 and to continue adding to this great history.

Whether "La compagnie de papiers Rolland limitée" or "Cascades Rolland division", we simply want to wish you from our heart "Happy Birthday La Rolland!"

Looking forward to celebrate with you,

Mario Plourde
President and CEO
Cascades Fine Papers Group