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Biogas Energy

What is biogas?

It is gas that results from the decomposition of waste buried in a landfill site, which has been captured to prevent its release into the air. It is then transported by pipeline over a distance of 13 kilometres to Cascades’ Rolland mill. The biogas collected is used as thermal energy to produce paper and replaces traditional combustible fuels.

All Cascades fine papers are made using biogas energy.

Green Energy

  • Using biogas at the Rolland mill reduces air emissions of C02 by 70,000 tonnes per year, which is the equivalent of:
    • a regional reduction of 50%
    • the emissions from 17,300 cars
  • Biogas is mainly made of carbon dioxide (C02) and methane (CH4). When methane burns to produce steam, it becomes C02 which is 21 times less harmful to the atmosphere.
  • Biogas is a widely available source of energy, which is lost if not used.
  • Using biogas enables us to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions rather than award ourselves the benefit of a third party’s reduction by purchasing credits.

A Sustainable Alternative

The biogas energy project does not only help the environment, it also provides social and economic safeguards.

In addition to being a reliable quality energy supply, biogas has a steady, competitive price. Thus, biogas will satisfy an important part of our thermal energy requirement at the Rolland mill for the next ten years, while reducing energy costs.

Biogas, a sustainable project, enables us to locally recycle and re-use resources that would otherwise be lost, which directly benefits the community.


Setting up this innovative environmental energy project was made possible through a one-of-a-kind tripartite agreement in Quebec.

Waste Management manages the landfill site in Sainte-Sophie and captures the gas resulting from the decomposition of waste in order to offer it as renewable energy.

Gaz Métro compresses and transports the biogas through a safe and reliable method from the landfill site to the Rolland facility.